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Markey Cancer Control Program
Telephone: (859) 218-6227
Fax: (859) 257-4177
Name and e-mail Position Phone
Tom Tucker
Associate Director for Cancer Control 859-218-3179
Brent Shelton
Director of Biostatistics, Markey Cancer Center; Associate Professor of
Internal Medicine with tenure, College of Medicine; secondary appt in
Biostatistics, Kentucky School of Public Health

Amanda Isaacs

Administrative Staff Officer 859-218-2109

Sarah Dickerson

Grant Support Specialist 859-218-2114

Cindy Pearce

Administrative Staff Officer 859-218-2103
Robin Vanderpool
Senior Research Coordinator 859-218-2102
Cheryl Croucher
Administrative Research Assistant 859-218-6227
Kentucky Cancer Program
Telephone: (859) 218-6227
Fax: (859) 257-4177
Name and e-mail Position Phone
Debra Armstrong
Senior Director for Community Programs 859-323-2002
Amy Steinkuhl
Cancer Control Specialist II Bluegrass West 859-608-9021
Becky Simpson
Cancer Control Specialist II
Big Sandy and FIVCO
Patty Poor
Cancer Control Specialist II Northern Kentucky 859-468-9725
Trina Winter
Cancer Control Specialist II Buffalo Trace and Gateway 606-301-9234
Carolyn Gyurik
Administrative Support Specialist 606-784-6458
Tonya Pauley
Cancer Control Specialist II Bluegrass East 859-200-6689
Gloria V. Sams
Cancer Control Specialist II Lake Cumberland 606-875-1442
Jeff Lunsford
Cancer Control Specialist I, Cumberland Valley 606-309-9111
Ashley Teague
Cancer Control Specialist I, Kentucky River 606-233-1627
Margaret Ramsey
Administrative Support Specialist 606-679-7204
Mindy Rogers
Community Health Educator for Appalachian Cancer Control 606-872-0119
Kentucky Cancer Consortium
Telephone: (859) 218-6227
Fax: (859) 257-4177
Name and e-mail Position Phone
Katie Bathje
Program Director for the Kentucky Cancer Consortium  859-323-3534

Kristian Wagner

Health Policy Director for the Kentucky Cancer Consortium 859-323-3541
Jennifer Redmond Knight
Assistant Professor, College of Public Health
Co-Principal Investigator, Kentucky Cancer Consortium
Kentucky Cancer Registry
Telephone: (859) 218-6227
Fax: (859) 257-4177
Name and e-mail Position Phone
Tom Tucker
Associate Director 859-218-3179
Frances Ross

Director of Registry Operations

Paula Cole
Administrative Support Associate 859-218-3192
Jaclyn Nee
Epidemiologist 859-218-2228
Bin Huang
Epidemiologist 859-218-2104
Marilyn Wooten
Quality Assurance Manager for Casefinding 859-218-2101

Tonya Brandenburg

Quality Assurance Manager for Abstracting and Training 859-218-3195

Lindsey Baker

Abstractor Coordinator Senior Regional 859-218-6979

Marynell Jenkins

Regional Coordinator 859-218-3174
Nicole Catlett
Regional Coordinator 859-218-3175

Lisa Witt

Epath Coordinator 859-218-2220
Pam Shaw
Nonhospital Facilities Coordinator 859-218-3193
Danielle Darsey
Regional Abstractor 859-218-2106
Jennifer Denham
Regional Abstractor 859-218-3175
Becky Bruno
Regional Abstractor 859-218-3176
Leslie Baas

Regional Abstractor 859-218-3174
Vicki LaRue

Quality Assurance Coordinator for Casefinding 859-218-3194
Kimberly Kimbler

Quality Assurance Manager for Field Studies 859-218-3183
Shannon Ladd

Abstractor Coordinator Senior Regional 859-218-3180
Kelly Pictor

Western Kentucky Non-Hospital Coordinator 859-218-2113
Ellen Lycan

Pediatrics Project Coordinator 859-218-2219
Shelly Hodge

Regional Coordinator 859-218-3174
Robin Walls

Administrative Research Assistant 859-218-3186
Desiree Montgomery

QA Coordinator Sr 859-218-6977
Stephanie Carmack

QA Coordinator Sr 859-218-3185
Mary Jane Byrne
Emily Reed
VTR Project Manager 859-323-3553
Sharron Pinkston
Cancer Informatics and Information Technology Staff
Telephone: (859) 218-6227
(859) 257-4177
Name and e-mail Position Phone

Chaney Blu

Senior Programmer / Systems Analyst 859-218-3188

Clay Campbell

Tech Support Specialist 859-218-3189

Roger Chui

Senior Programmer / Systems Analyst 859-218-3190

Bront Davis

Database Analyst 859-323-3528

York Dobyns

Database Analyst 859-218-3178

Eric Durbin

Director of Kentucky Cancer Registry, Director of Cancer Informatics 859-218-3182
Sally Ellingson
Assistant Professor, Division of Biomedical Informatics 859-218-3197
Jenny Gregory
IT Systems Manager 859-323-3631
Isaac Hands
Lead Programmer / Systems Analyst 859-218-3196
Terry Huey
Tech Support 859-323-4831
James Hunsucker
Senior Programmer /
Systems Analyst
Jason Jacob
Senior Programmer /
Systems Analyst
Justin Levens
Data Management Specialist 859-323-3520
Grace Pasley
Data Management Specialist 859-323-3553
Luan Pham
Peter Ransdell
Senior Programmer /
Systems Analyst
David Rust
Programmer /
Systems Analyst
Mark Stevens
Database Analyst 859-323-3510
Malissa Sullivan

Server Support 859-257-3925
Joel Wheeler

Tech Support 859-218-2108
John Williams
Systems Programmer, Sr. 859-218-3601

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