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University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Control Program

A multifaceted and comprehensive program, the Markey Cancer Control Program is part of the Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky. The Markey Cancer Control Program has four divisions, which work together in a collegial environment that fosters collaboration, encourages sharing of resources, and promotes quality research. 

These divisions receive funding from a variety of sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute, state funds, voluntary health agencies, and private organizations. The capabilities of the four divisions are strengthened through the leadership of Tom Tucker, PhD, MPH, Associate Director of the Markey Cancer Control Program.

To learn more, visit the web sites of the four divisions of the Markey Cancer Control Program, or download an overview of the program (PowerPoint format). 

The Kentucky Cancer Consortium is a collaboration of multiple community-minded organizations, agencies, health professionals and concerned citizens coming together to reduce the burden of cancer in Kentucky. The Consortium coordinates the development and implementation of the Cancer Action Plan, the guiding document for cancer prevention and control in Kentucky.

The KCC provides leadership by overseeing a coordinated and integrated process for comprehensive cancer control planning, implementation and evaluation in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Cancer Program serves Kentucky communities through outreach programs and services by providing communities and health care professionals across the state with a comprehensive, science-based cancer control program.

KCP is a statewide network of 12 regional offices staffed by cancer control specialists who provide local leadership on cancer control planning and initiatives.

The Kentucky Cancer Registry is population-based central cancer registry that monitors the incidence and mortality of cancer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

In 2000 KCR became part of the National Cancer Instituteís Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Program.

The University of Kentucky Prevention Research Center helps to reduce the cancer burden in Appalachian Kentucky by identifying problems and proposing community-based solutions.

University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Control Program
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Telephone: (859) 218-6227
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